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Each disc is noticed first because of the packaging. On our site we offer you a wide selection of choices for all purposes and occasions. Should anything be missing, please get in touch with us.



The above sizes are the starting points of all pressings. However, in order to make your product individual, we offer a number of additional options.



Inside-Out Print

In inside-out print the rough cardboard inside is printed instead of the smooth outside. Disadvantages are a surface of the products that gets dirty more easily and slightly lower clarity of the printed image.

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With this low-priced finish the cardboard is coated with a thin layer of foil. This foil is available in a gloss or in a mat version. Both have a significant better optic that a simple varnish. In addition the product has a pleasant haptic and an extra protection.

Spot Varnish

The spot varnish can be applied to most cardboard products. On a part of the motif (e. g. an image or a logo) an additional gloss coating is applied to highlight it visually. To give a better contrast with the background, the product is coated with a mat varnish in advance.

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Hot Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping can be applied in silver and gold on cardboard packaging.

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With embossing, individual parts of the design can be felt as elevation or depression.

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Special boards

Special materials for bags can also be used instead of a regular white board. Here is an example of a Kraftpack board.

Rainbow / Multi-Laser Multi-Foil

Whoever wants an even more refined appearance of the product for larger editions, can use this foil wrap. This elaborate decoration is a guaranteed eye-catcher in any record collection.

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A die-cut in a sleeve can have an extraordinary effect especially in context with a couloured inner sleeve or insert.

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Serialization and Download Codes

So that the buyer of a record can also get a digital version of the music, cards with download codes are often added to the product.



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