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Each disc is noticed first because of the packaging. On our site we offer you a wide selection of choices for all purposes and occasions. Should anything be missing, please get in touch with us.


Packaging for Vinyl

In the long tradition of the record a variety of different packages and finishings have been developed. On this page you will get an overview of the most common types. But in case you miss a particular package, simply get in touch with us.





If you would like high quality packaging or in case of an LP set we recommend a gatefold. Apart from the well known version for one or two LPs we also offer special versions for 3 or 4 LPs.

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LP cover

The majority of records comes in LP covers with a 3 mm spine.

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LP Cover - Neutral -

If you only need neutral packaging, we offer LP sleeves from stock with two centre holes in white and black. There are also two versions with rough surfaces: A white bag with 'Inside-Out' print and a brown one made of Kraftpack board.

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Disco Bag

Disco Bags are slightly smaller than LP covers and don’t have a spine.



Disco Bag - Neutral -

We have a black neutral disco bag in stock: they feature centre holes but no spine.

Inner Sleeve - Unlined -

Our standard inner sleeve comes in white with two centre holes. It is also available in black.

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Inner Sleeve - Polylined -

Valuable vinyls should be kept in high quality packaging. Inner sleeves lined with foil create less electric charge, thus attracting less dust to settle in the grooves. Apart from the polylined sleeves in white, black, blue and red with center holes we also offer a white version without center hole.

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Inner Sleeve - with Print

For more pictures, graphics or text we offer the production of a printed sleeve.



Inner Sleeve -polylined, printed-

White polylined inner sleeves without center holes can be printed subsequently. One or both sides can be printed with one colour (CMYK or Pantone).

LP Cover with 5 mm or 7 mm spine

For a set of 2 or 3 LPs you can use this type of cover. It has the same dimensions as the normal LP cover but with 5 to 7 mm the spine is wider.

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Two Piece Box

Two Piece boxes are the ideal packaging for sets of vinyl records or for collectors’ editions.

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Hard Cardboard Slipcase

If you need have a set of more than three records a second option besides a two piece box is a hard cardboard slipcase. This is made of a heavy cardboard that gets coated with a printed paper. This way it is much stronger than a slipcase made of normal cardboard.

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PP Protection Sleeve with Flap

The antistatic protection sleeve made of a 0,10 mm transparent foil is suitable for one or two LP covers or one gatefold. It has an adhesion flap that closes the sleeve (see second photo).



PP Protection Sleeve without Flap

This polysleeve is as well suitable for outer sleeves (LP cover or gatefold). In this case the foil is about 0,12 mm thick.

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