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On this site we have gathered all necessary information for the production of vinyl records like the specifications for the audio and print data.

If you miss anything please don't hesitate to contact us.


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Records (audio data, vinyl colours)
Printed products

We have compiled the most common specifications for print production. If you find something missing, we will be happy to send you all that via e-mail.

Specification: Measurements in A4 format for printing

Template:      Dimensions 1:1 to assist in the creation of the data

A template must always be removed from the print-PDF, before it is sent to us for printing.  



12'' and 10'' labels:  measurements  template

7'' labels:  measurements  template

12'' picture disc labels:  measurements  template

10'' picture disc labels:  measurements  template

Sleeves/Inserts for 12'' records:

LP cover (3 mm spine):  measurements  template

Disco bag:  measurements  template

Gatefold:  measurements  template

Inner sleeve (printed):  measurements  template

LP cover (5 mm spine):  measurements  template

Insert, 2 paged, 297 x 297 mm: template

Sleeve for 10'' records

Sleeve without spine (without inner sleeve):  measurements  template

Sleeve with 3 mm spine (with inner sleeve):  measurements  template

Sleeve for 7'' singles

Sleeve without spine (without inner sleeve):  measurements  template

Sleeve with 3 mm spine (with inner sleeve):  measurements  template

Etched Vinyl (Graphic Vinyl)

There are two different possible ways to do a etched vinyl.

version 1: The graphic motif can be extended to the inner hole. In this case our black paper labels will be used of the pressing.

version 2: The graphic motif only reaches to the labels. This this version the label can be printed according to the costumers choice.


version 1:  measurements  template

version 2:  measurements  template


version 1:  measurements  template

version 2:  measurements  template


version 1:  measurements  template

version 2:  measurements  template

Connector - software for transfer of print data

For the transfer of print data we recommend the use of our Connector software. After the installation of the version for your operating system you won't need any additional log in data and your pdf files will be uploaded safely.

Before the transfer the data will be examined on conformity with the pdf/x3 specifications. If any errors are indicated like non printable colours (RGB), low resolution (< 200 dpi) or missing fonts these should be corrected before transferring the data.

There is a quick reference guide for the software available for download.

Please do not send archives (zip, rar or similar formats) or folders since the contents won't be checked.

If there are any questions please contact us via e-mail printdatenpallas-groupde or telephone +49 5441 977-173.

Connector software - PC Windows

Connector software - Mac

quick reference manual

FTP Server Access

You can send us data in many ways. For larger volumes of data of more than 5 MB you best use our FTP server. For access please contact us.

To put data on our server, you need an FTP client. We recommend FileZilla.

Move all data to a folder marked with your customer name and don’t fail to inform your contact at Pallas. The server is not checked for data input!

Using FileZilla with the FTP-Server of Pallas Group

Copy rights / Mechanical rights

indemnification agreement

With the first cooperation we need our indemnification agreement filled out and signed with the complete address back as a scan or fax.



CD-Audio: mechanichal right registration (each production separately)

Every record production must be registered with on of the international collecting society to ansure all due royalies will be paid. Unsually this is the mechanical right organisation in each country.We will need a document by by the organisation to proof that the production is registered.

If needed you could also use the online portal of the German GEMA to do so.

Miscellaneous (sticker, delivery of goods, terms of business)

Your contact

Patrick Roll

Tel.: +49 5441 977-202

Fax: +49 5441 977-222


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