Experience and tradition - since more than 60 years

The history of the Pallas Group is a success story - for the company and the people working there, the industry and the business location Diepholz. It begins in the period of the ‘Wirtschaftswunder’ after WWII, is characterized by continuous technical and operational innovations, and a fast-paced industry that has often undergone dynamic change processes in the more than six decades.


Company founded by managing directors Karl Neumann and Albert Vogt. The first location is at the Schömastraße Diepholz.


Foundation of the distribution department Deutsche Austrophon. The present name DA Music was derived from this.


The company moves into new premises in Diepholz, Auf dem Esch 8.


Construction of a boiler house.


Construction of a second plant in Cornau.


The beginning boom necessitates an extension of the office space.


Commissioning of a new pressing plant. Pallas consistently relies on automation and innovative production techniques.


Company founder Karl Neumann dies. He is succeeded by his son Rolf, who consistently continues the modern business strategy of expansion. New markets are opened up, and Pallas is becoming a global player.


The music cassette finds its way into the corporate portfolio.


P+O Compact Disc, newly established subsidiary of Pallas, starts the first manufacturing plant for CDs.


With the introduction of the DVD a new data medium conquers the market – particularly in the areas of film and computer games. From the outset, P+O Compact Disc GmbH is successful with this new medium.


Rolf Neumann transfers the company’s executive management to his son Holger, who now runs the family business in its third generation.


For the first time the production figures of the classic vinyl record – pronounced dead a long time ago – are back up. An upward trend that continues today. Pallas is one of the market leaders in this segment.


On Easter Monday, the manufacturing facility of CD production burns to the ground. The reconstruction is started immediately.


In the summer the new build production hall inaugurated and shortly after the first CDs and DVDs are pressed again.


Due to the rapidly evolving technology in the areas of media and entertainment industry the focus of Pallas Group Worldwide – with all due awareness of the company's culture and history – is fixed mainly on what the future will bring in innovations and market changes.


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