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Whether advertising agency or radiology, many businesses burn a small number of their own discs every day. Blank printing is an ideal way to present yourself to your customers professionally with media with your own company logo.



CD-R Media

Inexpensive CD-Rs are suitable for up to 700 MB of data or up to 80 minutes of music.

We can print these for you with up to 4-colour screen printing.

DVD-R Media

If larger amounts of data are written, there is a choice between

  • DVD5-R with up to 4.7 GB or
  • DVD9-R with up to 8.5 GB capacity

Both versions can be done in offset printing processes as well as in screen printing.


Of course, we can also offer suitable packaging for the blanks. Most common types are PP bags, paper sleeves or cardboard wallets.

More information about packages: please visit our packing section.

Ink Jet Printable

To identify your recorded blanks, you can of course simply pick up the felt pen. But more elegant is printing using an inkjet printer.

So that the ink keeps on the discs, we can offer you a special mat coating, which is applied in addition to the label print.

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