One data carrier for all purposes

For a long time already CDs and DVDs have been proven as extremely flexible discs that can be read on a lots of devices.

We can deliver all kinds of formats in the proven Pallas quality.


Today and in the future the compact disc is the main medium for music and data of all kinds.

We offer a wide variety of CD versions:

12 cm CD

This is the classic size of the CD.



8 cm CD

Most CD players and drives will have a device to also play CDs with a smaller diameter.

This version can be used very well with data up to 190 MB respectively 21 minutes of audio material.


Here a 12 cm CD is provided only with the sputter coat of an 8 cm CD. Thus, a 2 cm wide transparent border is created around the silver sputtering. This may be included as a design element for the label printing.

Vinyl Optic

A normal CD is first printed with a black surface and subsequently finished with a black "groove" in a screen printing process. Thus, the groove is not only visible, but can even be felt.

For further information please check our specifications.

DVD production

When the storrage capacity of a CD is not sufficent or a movie in the DVD-Video format is to be stored, this medium is the right choice for you.

The DVD is available in three different versions with different capacities:


Although difficult to distinguish from a CD, you get about 4.7 GB capacity with a DVD 5.

Besides the usual size of 12 cm we can also do a 8 cm version with a capacity of approx. 1,4 GB.


By means of a second layer the storage capacity of a DVD9 with 8.5 GB is almost twice as high as that of a DVD 5.

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