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CD plastic boxes

For CDs and DVDs, there is a very wide range of different packagings for all kinds of purposes. Since both discs have the same measurements, all packagings presented here can be used for both CDs as well as DVDs. Should you find a particular packaging missing here simply contact us.


CD plastic boxes

1er Jewelbox, Tray Black

The classic of the CD packaging.

1er Jewelbox, Tray Transparent

A transparent tray allows the use of a double-sided inlay card.



Duo Box

For two CDs duo boxes are used. The tray is available in black, as well as in transparent and white.



Coloured Trays

In addition to black and transparent there are more colours available for the trays.



5.2 mm Box, Black

The 5.2 mm box is a very slim packaging. In the front, a thin booklet can be inserted.

5.2mm box, Clear / Mat

Instead of a black tray this box has a frosted tray. The front cover, however, is fully transparent.


The packaging well-known from single-CD releases offers the advantage to create a spine label through inclusion of an inlay card.


Also known as Flip'n'Grip box. In this box, the CD is ejected and held by coloured keypads. Optionally, there are boxes with a tray for prints and a holder with filing holes.


The striking box in the shape of a shell gets along without prints.


The Uni-Keep-Box can be customized for different amounts of CDs in a set. For that only the needed number of pp sleeves is put into the box. The box is available in two sizes for 1 - 7 CDs or for 8 - 12 CDs and in black oder transparent. Like with a DVD box a printed inlay will be put into the box.

3er-CD Box

The 3-CD box offers space for three CDs at the same measurements as a normal CD box. There is a holder for another CD in the back tray of the box. The inlay card therefore has a hole in the middle.


Cakeboxes are an alternative to the packaging in bulk quantities. These boxes are available for 25, 50 or 100 CDs.

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