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Cardboard and Paper Sleeve / PP Bag

If you want particularly space-saving packaging for your CDs and DVDs wallets are a good option. There is a wide selection of products for every purpose. The selection given here corresponds to our standard range. If a particular product is missing, please contact us.


Cardboard and Paper Sleeve / PP Bag

Cardboard Sleeve

This wallet made of printed cardboard is a cheap and space-saving alternative to other packagings.

Paper Sleeve with Window

If no elaborate packaging is needed for your CD or DVD, a blank paper wallet is perhaps best. In addition to a window an adhesive flap is provided which is closed during the assembly.



Paper Sleeve with Window and Glue Dot

In this version a glue dot is placed on the back. The liner can be removed and the bags can be stuck into a book or catalog. The glue dot is available in two variations. Depending on the surface material the first can generally be removed easily and residue-free, the second sticks much stronger.



Paper Sleeve 145 x 190 mm

This paper wallet is meant to be bound into the spine of a book during production. It can be detached simply from the book along a perforation.



Paper Sleeve for 2 CDs/DVDs

With this particular version of a paper sleeve it is possible to bound two CDs or DVDs in the spine of a book. This sleeve can also be detached by a perforation.

PP Sleeve

PP Sleeve with Flap

PP Sleeve without Flap and Full-Surface Adhesive Back

PP Sleeve with Flap and Two Glue Strips on Backside

PP Sleeve with Flap and Filing Holes

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