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CD and DVD Packagings

For CDs and DVDs, there is a very wide range of different packagings for all kinds of purposes. Since both discs have the same measurements, all packagings presented here can be used for both CDs as well as DVDs. Should you find a particular packaging missing here simply contact us.


CD plastic boxes

Beside the standard jewel box for CDs there are a couple of alternatives for plastic boxes in CD size.

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DVD plastic boxes

In most cases software and DVDs are packed in bigger sized cases.


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Cardboard Sleeve/ Paper Sleeve / PP Bag

This are cost efficient and space saving packagings. Some of them can even be glued or bound into a book or a catalogue.


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Cardboard packagings

Cardboard packagings draw the attention to the product. Most of these can be additionaly be upgraded with special finishings.


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For lot of standard packagings there are additional finishings or other interesting features.

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