Label printing - the face of your CD-/DVD

The label printing is the "face" of a CD or DVD. Here are some suggestions which different designs in this range are possible.

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Offset printing

With modern four-colour printing you print by mixing colours from the so-called Euro Scale colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK).

This printing method is particularly suited for photographs and images with colour gradients.

Screen printing

In screen printing you work with real colours of the Pantone or HKS colour scale.

It is best suited for designs that use only a few, unmodulated colours.

Vinyl Optic

To generate the particular vinyl optic, a black solid surface is used as base. On it a black "groove" is printed as another colour.

As a result, this groove is not only visible but can even be felt.

Gloss and Mat Varnish

Due to the print colours the image in offset printing is always somewhat dull. To create a special glow and a greater brilliance of colour here, an additional gloss lacquer is ideal.

Alternatively, we can also offer you the print of a mat varnish.

Metallic or Fluorescent Colours

The Pantone colour spectrum also includes special metallic and fluorescent colours. On request we can also offer you printing of this particular colour.

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