For many listeners the unique sound of the record is second to none ...

Once almost out of the market, the classic record is making a comeback even among younger listeners. With our quality standards for our own products, we have set benchmarks that make us one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl records.

Production of Vinyls

 In addition to various formats and weights we can also offer some eye candy.


Singles are pressed in this size with a weight of 40 g.


This exceptional size vinyl is made on our semi automatic presses. Each record has a weight of approx. 80 g.


This is the size used for albums or maxis. The standard weight is 140 g. Also possible the heavy qulity 180 g pressing.


The above sizes are the starting points of all pressings. However, in order to make your product individual, we offer a number of additional options.

180 g LPs

Instead of the normal weight of 140 g with a 12” LP the weight is increased to 180 g. The LP has a high quality feeling and is therefore of great interest especially for collectors.

Picture Disc

With the Picture Disc the printed label extends over the entire surface of the 10'' or 12'' record.

Etched Vinyl (Graphic Vinyl)

Through a special process, a design of your choice is applied to one side of the disc.

Coloured Pressings

Black is not the only choice. We are also able to press vinyls in other colours. The available colours are:

Solid Colours: Black, White, Red, Purple

Transparent colours: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Transparent (clear)

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Colour mixtures ("Marbled Vinyl")

It is also possible to mix two or three colours. This produces a unique pattern on each record which is reminiscent of marble.

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Split-Colour Vinyl

Here the different coloured vinyl is divided in two or more colour fields. These colours merge into each other along the edges of the fields. With this method each vinyl is unique too.

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Splatter Vinyl

In this variation of the coloured pressing the monochrome base colour of the vinyl record is pressed with different coloured stripes. Again, each vinyl is unique. 

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